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Lunchtime in the Laundry Room - Sept. 25

So, I have already changed the name! I think Lunchtime in the Laundry Room sounds more fun that Laundry Room Lunchtime.

Today's laundry room comes from Kari & Kijsa:

Really cute, ESPECIALLY when it used to look like this:

You have to check out all of the great picture on their blog! We are talking cute storage, a great bench, window treatments, a white board calendar, and a bulletin board made out of an old mirror frame. Oh and really cute hooks for your keys.

If the bench were a little bigger I might sleep in it and call it my bedroom!

And remember, if you have a second to stop by this other post and leave a comment I will be your best friend. I could win a new washer and dryer and then I could post my OWN cute laundry room!


McVal said...

Cute laundry room! Mine has too many dog kennels in it to ever be cute!

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

Oh we are SOOOOOO helping you win that Washer and Dryer!!!
I love posts on Laundry rooms!
I'm weird like that :)