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Make Your Own Pennant Stamp

When things get crazy around here, my blog reading gets neglected. Instead of looking at all 700+ blogs I subscribe to throughout the week, I end up scrolling through them quickly or hitting the dreaded Mark All As Read button. *gasp*

A little while ago I quickly scrolled past a stamp on Just Something I Made. It was a really cute pennant stamp, but I figured it was something I would have to buy. I didn't realize that Cathe had MADE the stamp out of a giant rubber band and a seam roller (the kind you use for wallpapering:

Some adhesive and an Exact-o knife and you are ready to make one of your own. You can check out the detailed tutorial at Just Something I Made.

Luckily Jack and Izzy featured the stamp on their site a couple of days ago, when I had a few more minutes to actually see WHAT it was! And also to find this REALLY cute pennant card that she made:

I am now in the mood to make myself some Halloween pennants! How about you?


Let it Shine said...

That is AWESOME! Love this blog! Keep up the good work! (No pressure to read 700 blogs or anything.....) (Kidding)


Rachel@ Soiree Design said...

Don't you hate that! I'm totally addicted to my Google Reader. I religiously read my blogs every day, or else I feel like I'm missing out. It's all about balance, but sometimes it feels like pressure doesn't it?

Katie said...

I thought Cathe's stamp was amazing too! I actually made a Halloween banner with pennant shaped "flags" for my mantle last year. This reminded me to go and dig it out and make sure it makes it up again this year.

Gabrielle said...

VERY cute I love it! Saying hi from SITS!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I might attempt making a detachable version that I can use on my brayer so I don't have to buy an extra seam roller (if you've seen my art room, you'll know that I'd have trouble finding any new supply that I bring in).

It makes me feel better to know that you're subbed to 700+ blogs because I think I'm following close to 100 and I already feel overwhelmed. :}