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Spiders and Blood and Webs, Oh My!

You always get great ideas from Martha, but I love when one picture gives you multiple ideas you can use over and over! Well at least over and over again around Halloween:

Okay, where to start!!!

The Votives: They used two sizes and put them inside each other. The spiders are squished in between the two glasses. You can use this same method and fill the space with anything that won't melt. It is also the same method used for this flower arrangement:

But vases instead of votives. Switch out the red hots for candy corns and the tulips for your favorite fall flower and you have a beautiful centerpiece!

The Blood: I didn't notice it at first, but there is actually some 'blood' in between the votives. It is made with 2 teaspoons of corn syrup and 3 teaspoons of water and as many drops of red food coloring as it takes to get your desired shade.

The Web: You need a transparent hot glue pad for this (or anything that won't melt and the hot glue can be peeled off of after it dries. And you need special glow in the dark hot glue. Who knew such a think exists? I bet you could use regular hot glue too. It wouldn't glow in the dark, but I think you would still be able to see it on the window.

Put a template for a web under the mat and trace it with hot glue. Let it set (cool) and then carefully peel it from the mat and put it on the window. It should stick to glass, so you could put it on a mirror too. Or spooky eyes instead of a web!

So many fun ideas! You can see full instructions for all of these projects here.


Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

Hi there! Thanks for the great ideas. I am just getting my fall decorations out. I'll have to try the votive in a votive idea. Glad I wandered over from SITS! Have a great weekend!

Lisa Anne said...

I love these candles. My kitty would have a field day. I love all of your halloween crafts, I wish I would have found you months ago. lol

come check out my halloween treat boxes.

I totally might be making MUMMY GUM. I love that and have tons of eyeballs. Who doesn't like gun!!

One with many names said...

Very nice :) I love those candles!

Jennifer said...

I love the votive in a votive idea! Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend!

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

Martha is going to be the death of me!!!
I just finished doing the Glittered bones for my table!

Jess said...

Love that flower arrangement!