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Amy Atlas is Out of This World

Most of the stuff I see from Amy Atlas dreamy, but her sons Rocket Ship Party was pretty down to earth.

This was my favorite part:

She turned paper cups into little rocket ship favors! So cute! And so something ANYONE can do!

She even posted a tutorial on how to make Papier Mache Planets:


Kacey said...

Oh so cool! Lincoln LOVES rocket ships. I'm saving this one because I know one year there will be a demand for a rocket ship/princess party. LOL I think I may even save the Where the Wild Things Are theme for them next year. I'm going to start saving ideas, because I'm crazy like that. I saw the preview for the movie the other night and it reminded me. :d) Hope you're having a great weekend!

Lorie said...

That would be so cute! You can have space princesses!!