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Lunchtime in the Laundry Room - Sept. 26

Today's laundry room comes from Hampton Designs:

Isn't she pretty? But wait...where are the washer and dryer. Oh, there they are:

So I am guessing that is two dryers and one washer? Or do you think it is two washers and one dryer? Maybe they don't like to wash their whites and darks in the same machine. ;D

Okay first, it is all white! I kind of adore white.

Second, there is a farm sink. *sigh* I dream about having that in my kitchen!

The picnic table/counter in the middle. LOVE IT! A place to fold laundry that is also gorgeous!

And if that wasn't enough, they through in a few gorgeous apothecary jars just to push me over the edge.

Now in reality, I don't ever plan on spending this type of money on a laundry room, but I can take the pieces that I love (white paint, glass jars, a picnic table) and have a room that really makes me happy!

What is your favorite goody from this lovely little laundry room makes you happy?


Megan said...

Hey! I just found my way over here from SITS, and I love your blog. I also LOVE this laundry room. There is no way that I could pick one favorite thing, but I do love that sink and the open shelving beside it!

Hildie said...

One washer, two dryers definitely. That's my dream! My washer can wash a ton, but the dryer can't seem to handle as much laundry. It takes forever to dry! A friend of mine has two dryers and loves it. Sigh.

Love the Decor! said...

I would love to have 2 dryers. think how much time it would save us on our laundry. Since my laundry room is barely big enough for the washer and dryer I don't think it is in the plans. But I love the one above!!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Could they be washer/dryer combos? They wash, then they dry. That would be so cool. I love the table in the middle. I wish my laundry room was big enough to do that. I usually end up folding clothes on my bed.