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Giving Your Candles a Lift

This Young House had a great little tip on their blog for giving a candle a little lift:

And then hide the glass with your favorite stuff:

Even if you aren't putting a candle in the jar/vase/hurricane, if you are trying to fill the jar up with something decorative, use the cup (or wadded paper...or anything else) to take up some of the room. That way you need less stuff to make it look full!


The Redhead Riter said...

Hoping you have a tremendously happy Thursday!

Jillene said...

I love candles and all things candles. Thanks for sharing!!

Mrs Anne said...

YOU my dear are a breath of fresh air! :)

love all your ideas... and sleuthing! :)

Sarah said...

Great tip! Also perfect idea for picking up a cheap glass at Goodwill so I don't chip mine. Thanks for the hint, I have wondered how to do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Very it!

Enchantresses 3 said...

Love this! Thanks for the tip!