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Crayon Party Favors

If you have a little one in your house that loves crayons you know that it doesn't take long to accumulate enough 'old' crayons (read as no longer having a point) to bury someone alive! I have seen the idea of melting them down into the silicon molds to make new shaped crayons. And it is a fun idea (I have made round ones before) but it doesn't really get them out of my house. But this idea from Brittany at One Charming Blog does the trick. She made a set of alphabet crayons for each guest as a party favor:

And included one of these very cute notebooks from Etsy:

Replace the Monopoly cards with flashcards and I am thinking you have a perfect party favor for a back to school party!

Inexpensive party favor, recycling, and it gets it out of your house. That might be the trifecta!

You can also check out a ton of other cute party ideas on Brittany's blog.


Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Okay, I still love crayons and coloring, so I think this is an awesome and clever idea! Of course, we would never give up our monopoly cards, lol! This IS the trifecta :).

Kacey said...

OOOOH! I love this!!! What a great idea. Now I must go over to Brittany's blog and get the dish.

And don't you just love Etsy? I found a great little shop for the Twinkie's invites and posted about that today. Gotta LOVE Etsy! I didn't even think about favors - thanks for the reminder! ;D

Lindsey said...

love the idea of a party favors! I've made the melted down crayons before, but you're right it doesn't get them out of the house. :)

Lynn said...

Gives new thought to "Give me an A!"

We used to melt down crayons to color paraffin for homemade candles.