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Pretty in any language

I recently have stumbled across a few blogs that I love. Had to start a new category in my Google Reader for them. I try to keep the 690 (that is the current count) blogs I read in categories...makes them manageable! Ha!

Anyway, back to the new category. All of these blogs have two things in common. They have GORGEOUS pictures on them like this:

And I can't read a word on them! Why? They are all in different languages! The pictures are still beautiful though, so I pretend like it doesn't drive me crazy that I can't read them. And sometimes I have my husband come and read them too me. So romantic.

But tonight my husband is asleep. SO I have no idea what the caption of this pictures says on Cha das Panelas. I don't even know what the title of the blog means. I hope it isn't anything offensive!

(Just to make sure I had to look it is Pots of Tea in Portuguese!)

SO back to the image! I am guessing that it is just a regular round cake with a styrofoam cone covered in frosting and macarons. Of course, I could be wrong since I don't speak Portuguese. But it is beautiful. And I think it would be really cute for a shower!


The Redhead Riter said...

Thanks for the new site! I love it! I've added it to my reader list too which has so many blogs listed that it is scary!

Stopping by to give a little blog ♥

LunaMoonbeam said...

You could always read them with BabelFish, or a similar service. The translations aren't PERFECT, but you can get the general gist of things. :-)

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

Good lordy that's a lot of blogs you read!! But I guess that's why you can give us the best of what's out there. I love your blog for that. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I`m the owner of Chá das Panelas. Thank you for talking about my blog!! I would like to inform that Chá das Panelas means, bridal shower, of course is not offensive. It`s one of the most famous blogs about marriage in Brazil.
Kisses, Karen

Lorie said...

How funny! The online translator I used said it was pots of funny!

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

oh how fun! I don't actually read blogs in different languages but if I could find them & they had amazing pictures like that I would!

Renee said...

I'm loving all your new blog friends. Thanks for all these ideas! When my kids are back in school, I'll be so ready to get crafty.

Amie said...

you know you can translate any site using =)

Minze said...

The name "Ladurée" sounded vaguely familiar, so I googled it and voilá... It's a croquembouche. The picture is from a French webpage, and you can find the original here: plenty MORE beautiful pictures. If you open that site, there are thumbnails on the left, and your picture is the one in the middle.