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Closet Door Molding

Centsational Girl, Kate, posted a picture of her newly repainted closet doors:

My closet doors do not have that great molding on them. They are pretty plain. Actually the bedroom doors are too! But I think I am going to use Sarah's (aka Thrifty Decor Chick)tips to add some molding.

Does your house have snazzy closets? Am I the only one whose closets are bor-ing?


Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

We live in an older house so there are no closet doors like that. We have tiny closets. All of them! :( But this looks wonderful.

Kelly said...

No cute closet doors here. Metal tri-fold doors with slats in them. UUUUUUUUGLY

Night Owl Mama said...

wow that looks nice I'd luv to see what you do with yours a before and after photo

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Amie said...

My closet doors are fancy! They have custom made finger prints and shoe scuffs all over them, dents here and there from too vehement a shoe-toss, and they regularly come off the sliders just as 'vintage' (is anyone else as SICK of that word as I am?) closet doors should!

My kids wouldn't appreciate perty doors such as this.