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House Number

I love this idea from Joys of Home:

She painted her house numbers on flower pots.

And Chris from Just A Girl posted this idea for house numbers:

Vinyl Rub-ons on her front door.  

I love them both!


Shellie said...

I ordered that vinyl door number from Just a Girl's vinyl lady. It will be here soon!!!

Lorie said...

Oh! I am jealous! We actually have a security screen on our front door (UGLY!) so you wouldn't even be able to see my cute numbers if I put them on my door. I am going to have to go for the flower pot idea.

Mrs Anne said...

i love the vinyls!!!

I have

" hello. " on my door :) and

" goodbye. " on the inside back side :)

so cute!

Lorie said...

Oh! That is fun!

Amy said...

Love the flower pots!

Lynn said...

The pots are cute but the house number should still be posted visibly on one side of the door for firemen, mailman, paper boy etc. to find easily. After 10 years of sons doing paper routes I can tell you they will not look at a flower pot for the house number!