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Pot Rack

If I had the space in my kitchen (especially if I had a center island) I would want one of these:

I don't. And I might not ever. So I might have to find a way to implement this idea that I found on Casa Sugar:

image from Jake Curtis

I sure wouldn't mind having those pans either.


Gloria P. said...

I love the pot rack and the layout of my kitchen doesn't allow for a center island but I do have a small pot rack over my baker shelf but not like that one.

I like the kitchen but what where they thinking when they put the white cabinets in? I don't like the white with the wood. If they thought it was going to be to dark I would of went with a lighter counter top. Just my opinion.

Myrnie said...

I've been trying for three years now to convince my husband we need a pot rack...but Mr. 6'1" keeps saying we don't have the ceiling height necessary to keep him from hitting his head on it! Well, this 5'4" cook can walk underneath just fine... :o) I haven't won him over yet.

Insanitykim said...

My kitchen is about the size of a full bathroom and I finally just put nails in the wall and hung them up; I missed the studs, says my hubby...oh well, I have more cabinet space now! haha!

Someday I would LOVE copper bottom pots/pans and an island, and a pot rack...drooooooooool....

Anonymous said...

My kitchen isn't laid out right for one either. I'd love to have one too!