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Painted Rug

I read a LOT of blogs. And I love finding new ones. But most of the time I pick the blog by a recent project. I very seldom go back and look in their archives. I just jump in and go forward.

And I find some cute stuff. Like this painted rug:

Toni at Design Dazzle made it by painting vinyl sheet flooring. Pretty cute and clever. (If you have an outdoor playhouse I think this would be the best idea EVER!!)

But I often miss things. Things that were posted before I discovered their blog like this cute idea of embellishing your curtain tie back with sprigs of crystal beads:

So easy and simple. I have almost 1600 posts on my blog so far, and although I would LOVE to think that you all come and read EVERYDAY, I know that isn't possible. To be honest, even I don't read my blog everyday. I schedule a lot of posts in advance if I have stuff going on, like this week that is full of end of the school year parties, programs, and field trips

So I think I am going to steal an idea from another blog that I read. Once a month they post a list of links to the good stuff they posted a year ago! I am really excited about it! I am not sure what day I am going to do it though...It will be a surprise! *read that as it will be the day I don't have time to blog and need something quick to post! ;D*

4 comments: said...

Thanks so much for posting my photos and mentioning my blog:) We are having a "party" next week on my blog. If you have any party photos that you would like me to share, please let me know!
Thanks again, Toni

Kelsie said...

hey i just stumbled upon your cute little blog and i love it! it has so many great ideas thanx for sharing!

Amy said...

That's so cute!

KMR said...

I absolutely love your blog. If their was no other blog I read it would be yours. I check it daily or twice daily. I think I love it because we have the same taste. (maybe I ate chalk as a child!) or maybe ou fulfill the creative side of me in a house full of boys! Thanks!!!