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So I am still in the process of trying to redo my bedroom. I still haven't found any bedding that I love. And Hubby and I totally don't agree on the colors. But at least I have ideas for bed
skirts! Because you know, you really should plan your entire room around a bed skirt!! NOT!

But I sort of fell in love with this idea from BHG:

Those would be towels. Some have fringe sewed on to them. And I sort of love it!

Another bed skirt idea comes from The Shabby Nest. She made this bed skirt without sewing anything at all:

She stapled 4 yards of linen (in 8 inch pleats) to a 1x2 board that was the length of her bed like this:
Then she tucked the board under her mattress. She left the edges raw, but you could hem them or hot glue some trim to them and you would never know! And they would still be no sew!


Shellie said...

yeah that linen one looks easy.

Renee said...

Lori, I've done the second skirt with the staples and it turned out great. I've also used velcro and that works even better. That way you can change out your linens when the seasons change. voila

Bobbi Jo Nichols said...

I just love that towel idea too. So very pretty. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Gloria P. said...

Yes, if I didn't have to share my bedroom with a man it would be full of vintage items and lots of frills but the fact of the matter is I do. There it is I said "I Do" which means I will never have a bedroom ever again that looks girly. Well maybe if I hit the lottery I can buy a larger house and have a few rooms of my own to decorate with my taste completely....wouldn't that be nice.

The towels are a cute idea!

Lorie said...

Gloria, I am pretty lucky that my hubby doesn't mind it being girly...I am just in the mood for light blues and greens and he thinks it needs to be more red.

Deborah said...

I miss being able to have a bed skirt. For some unknown reason, at this moment in our house, every bed sits on the bed frame. Not sure how that happened or how to fix it. Any ideas on that one?

Andrea said...

I like the staple idea. I could handle that.

Lynn said...

On bed frames...check out your local thrift stores. The basic Hollywood frames (metal ones) are usually inexpensive even at a furniture store.

I have an issue with bed frames...the legs are so close to the edge I stub my toes painfully. Solution: foam rubber pipe insulation. It's in a tube already: I just cut off the length I needed, put slits in it where needed and slipped it around the leg. Now if I hit it, it's soft padding.

Bed skirts: They are a problem with an electric blanket, because the cord pulls up the bedskirt unless you make a hole in the seam. I got the idea to take two flat sheets in a coordinating color and smaller size, lay them overlapping over the box spring, adjusted to the length I want, put the mattress on, and there you have 'tailored' style bedskirts. The blanket cord slips out between the layers at the end of the bed.