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Fabric Lampshade

I ran over a lampshade today.  Actually I ran over the entire lamp.  I was driving on the freeway and there was a lamp in my lane.  I could have slammed on my brakes, but I am pretty sure the car behind me was a little too close for that.  And I thought my car would clear it...but I was wrong.  Made a hideous sound.  And it really has nothing to do with this post, except that the lampshade wasn't as cute as this one from Moda Bake Shop:

And now it never will be.  Because my car killed it.

But if you have a lampshade that needs to be prettied up, they have a tutorial on how to make this cute shade using strips of fabric.


Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Ok, you are lucky you're alright! Running over that lampshade could have back fired and caused damage to your car :).

LOVE this idea and I need it big time - so this is great timing! I bought a new lamp for my daughters' room, but I promised her we'd re-do the ugly floral shade, the base rocks, so it was a steal! Clever idea!

Jillene said...

First--scary about running over a lamp. I hope that it didn't puncture any of your tires!!

Second--the shade is ADORABLE. It would be perfect in my girls room!!

Michelle said...

Now THAT is a lamp I would put in my house! It is uber cute!

Oh and about running over the lamp. Didn't you learn anything after the fork accident?

Lorie said...

I didn't run over a fork! That was someone else. Mine was just a rock.

(On the way to Disneyland when my car was BRAND SPANKING NEW A rock punctured my radiator and then killed my AC too. Awesome!!)

Shana said...

Seriously, you're lucky no damage was done to the car! ;D
But thanks for sharing that super cute lampshade.

Anonymous said...

That is one cute lampshade! Glad that you are ok.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

OMGosh you are hysterical!!! It's so hard to react "the right way" but it sounds like you did. Glad you're OK.