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Trash to Treasure

Jodi at Simply This That and The Other posted some fun projects she did for a class about decorating on a budget. I fell in love with EVERYTHING on this post. Here are my absolute favorites

See this cookie tin:

Of course she painted it. We have seen that before and it is always cute! But there is more! Check it out:

She put a rub-on transfer on the front and that handle on top is the perfect finishing touch!

And do you know what this is:

A toothbrush holder! She painted it and guess what she used it for:

Do you see it in the window? It is now a flower vase! I have seen them used as vases before, but never as cute as that one!

And here we are with tins again:

And yes, she painted those too! And stacked them and they are so cute:

You HAVE to go to her blog and check out the before and after posts of the room she decorated! So cute!


Amanda in GA said...

Love the tin with the handle!
come visit my blog for a giveaway today

Kristina P. said...

She is super talented!

Xazmin said...

I love these things! Thanks for posting - I'm heading over to check out her post!!

Anonymous said...

I love what she did with those tins. So cute!

Anonymous said...

excellent! I have a couple of toothbrush holders and old tins sitting around, I'll have to try this out! thanks for posting :-)

Sarah said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing! Now there is an idea for those leftover scouting for popcorn tins we have every year! :)

Jodi Nelson said...

Wow Such sweet words. Thank you! It was fun making cute stuff out of junk. ;o) ooxx`jodi