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A Touch of Irish

Better Homes and Gardens had some beautiful ideas for adding a little touch of green to your decor in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Plant your own shamrocks (Oxalis plants) in some cute jars or votives:

Add some Bells of Ireland to a white pitcher or vase:

Or get out some of your green Christmas ornaments:

Spring is a great time to go through your Christmas decorations and clean out your stash. I find I am less sentimental about my Christmas decor when it is starting to warm up and months away from the start of the holiday season! You could even separate the ornaments so that some of them can serve double duty for more than one holiday! Silver and blue can be used all winter long, red of Valentine's Day, green for St. Patty's Day, red and gold for your High School Musical 3 party. What? You don't have a HSM party? I guess that is just us! But you get the idea.


Just SO said...

I'm thinking I must find me some Bells of Ireland. But I'm also thinking that may be hard to do.

Unknown said...

What great advice about the Christmas ornaments!
We had a party for the premiere of HSM 2, it was a blast! 8 year old girls can be fun, but noisy!

Lorie said...

Yeah, so can 20 + year old girls. Our HSM parties include adults. Actually they include MORE adults than kids! ;D

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

We just planted some shamrock and it grows very quickly! I love it!

(We are in an Irish mood at my blog today too...Michael Patrick Gallagher, Riverdance lead, is one of my daughter's Irish dance teachers and he will be in to teach today. We are really looking forward to that! Go Irish!)

Anonymous said...

Too funny, I just put up some of my decor for St. Patty's this morning. I love the Bells of Ireland! Thanks for the ideas :-) I love reading your blog, you post the best ideas!