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High School Musical 3

We spent the evening watching this:

We made a special trip today to get it. Lou La has asked me every day for the last two weeks when High School Musica 3 was coming out on DVD. And now she is sitting like a zombie on the couch staring at the TV. She is in heaven. And I got it for a steal, so I am in heaven too.

The DVD is $15.97 at Walmart right now. The Blu-ray was $24.96. I had a coupon for $5.00 off the DVD or $10 off the Blu-Ray. You can get the same coupon here if you have a HSM fan in your house too.

AND you can get a $5 Rebate from Hillshire Farms/Sara Lee if you purchase 2 qualifying products. I bought two packages of lunch meat (that I would have bought anyways) they cost me a total of $6, so we have lunch meat for the week and I get another $5 off my HSM3 Blu-ray. You can print the rebate form here.

So my Blue-ray will end up costing me $9.96 + tax and I could have gotten the DVD for $5.97 + tax.

And both the DVD and Blu-ray come with a digital copy of the movie. So that I Lou La can watch it on my Ipod!

I will stop talking about High School Musical Now.


Anonymous said...

Great deal! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Kelly said...

I was at Walmart last night and it was 19.96 so we ran to Best Buy because their ad had it for $15.99. So we were happy to save the 4 dollars but it stinks that our walmart didn't have it the same price as yours. Would have saved me a trip in the cold with 3 kids. LOL

Unknown said...

I forgot that was coming out, I need to get that for Elaina and my sister, lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the coupon! My daughter is going to love....oh and I will too!! :0)


Amie said...

nice! we'll have to get it with our free redbox dvd rental on monday...still havent' seen it, and although we're fans in the house, we're not the pay-for-a-movie kind of fans!

Erin said...

NEVER stop talking about it! PLEASE!!

Lorie said...

Kelly, next time bring your ad with you to WalMart. They will ad match Best Buy! Bring all your ads to Wal-mart if you are going!

Lorie said...

Amie, did you watch it? Did you love it? Did your boys Waltz around the living room with you?