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Ten Turkey Monday

Is it really Monday already! I liked that four day weekend a little too much! It is a good thing that I didn't stay up late every night. Otherwise I would be EXHAUSTED today! Glad I was smart enough not to do that!

I am also glad I didn't eat Thanksgiving dinner for 5 days in a row. Who would eat that much turkey and stuffing? And Cornbread Casserole? And broccoli cheese rice?

I am also glad I didn't wake up at 2am (after not staying up until midnight) to go shopping on Black Friday! And I definitely didn't go overboard and buy WAY too much stuff. SO I don't have to make a million returns today.

What I do have to do is get in the shower and go shopping so that we have something in my house besides Thanksgiving leftovers! But guess what IS on my shopping list. Ten Turkeys. No lie!

I hope you had a restful Thanksgiving weekend!


-stephanie- said...

wow, I'm glad you didn't do all that stuff either. I'm tired just reading about it. Hope there's a sale on the ten turkeys you have to get.

Jo said...

Ten??? Good heaven's I hope the people coming to your house are very hungry.

Amy said...

Get them while they're cheap! I sure hope you have a really big freezer!
I didn't do any of that either. Not me.

Lorie said...

They are actually for a church party. And someone else is storing them. I just have to get them! ;D

Brooke said...

Wow, that's a lot of turkeys. Sounds like a lot of fun, exhausting times you had over the weekend!

Lorie said...

Um..I struck out at two stores. I have zero turkeys so far! Eeeek!

momstheword said...

I think you should dress up those ten turkey in little clothes and take a picture. It wasn't me that said that. It wasn't me that thought it would be funny to "surprise" the person who is storing them. No that would be to wierd.

BTW, I hope you get all your turkeys!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on finding the turkeys.