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Wisdom of a 7-year-old

I told the kiddos that after the gym and before we could go on our walk (must let the boy ride his scooter before his brain turns to mush from playing too much Lego Batman) we were going to the store to get Circus cookies. Of course he asked why so I told him about the company going out of business.

"Where will we get those animal cookies from?"

After explaining to him that they wouldn't be made anymore, so we wouldn't be getting them anymore he thought for a moment and then told me:

"You know what I would do if I had a company that wasn't making enough money? I wouldn't close it, I would just keep trying to make money."

Now I know as an adult in the business world, sheer determination doesn't always work. But I hope and pray as a mother that he has that never give up attitude about everything he does in his life. It comes in handy when you are 7. And 13. And 29.


Michelle said...

I'm gasping in horror. Even though I don't buy circus cookies very often, I love them! I grew up eating them and I am so sad that they are no longer going to be around. I'm heading to the store to buy a few farewell bags. Sniff sniff!

Your sons response was priceless. :)

Kacey said...

That is great. I love how kids think! We were snuggling with Ryder admiring his new dinasour and he asked "what are those?" (Pointing at the horns) Brian responded "those are horns buddy." Ryder looked at them and squeezed them and said "honk, honk!" Ha! Ha!

I still haven't broken the news to Brian about the cookies.

mrsmouthy said...

WHAT??? I must have read that wrong. There's NO WAY I can be cut off from bags of hydrogenated goodness--with sprinkles!! Please tell me someone else is picking them up??