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Win A Taco Bell Burrito

I have 3 sister-in-laws. They all have blogs.

I have linked you to Re many times. She posts lots of cute stuff and I actually dread the day that you all realize she is much more interesting and leave my blog for hers. (I have been reading Twilight and it is making me a little over dramatic. Can you tell?)

Stef keeps her blog private. We keep trying to talk her into going public, but it hasn't worked yet.

And then there is Annie. Annie Bannanie. I actually set up her blog for her. Walked her through posting. I even know her password so I could get on and post embarrassing things if I wanted to. It took her a while. But she has finally really jumped on the band wagon. I am like a proud mother. But in this case, just a proud sister-in-law. But she is a little mad at me right now. I haven't linked you to her blog. So without further ado I interupt my Halloween party to bring you But I Just Don't Want To aka My Blog Is Not Going To Have A Title.

If you hurry over before October 21 you can enter to win a Taco Bell Burrito. Seriously. Go now! It will be worth it!!


Margaret said...

I went and left a comment.

All of your halloween stuff is great. We just went to the pumpkin patch yesterday, and we are trying to decide how to decorate our pumpkins. said...

Cute :) I love pumpkin time!


Anonymous said...

Well, if there is one thing I have learned here in blogland it's this..... You have to spread the love around! I'm heading over there right now!