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How to Decorate a Pumpkin without a knife

We have all used paint and markers to decorate a pumpkin before, but if you have a little one that wants to make a jack-o-lantern but isn't quite old enough to wield a knife, here are some ideas.
  • Paint the pumpkin with chalkboard paint. A nice box of colored chalk could keep them busy for hours if not days!
  • Let them play dress up with the pumpkin

  • Invest in some of these Mr. Potato head (they should call them Mr. Pumpkin Head) kits:

  • Frost your pumpkin. Use royal icing to decorate the pumpkin! You could even add some candies, just like you would for a gingerbread house!
  • Decorate the pumpkin with craft supplies. Googley eyes. Scrapbook paper. Pipe cleaners. Foam shapes. The possibilites are endless for this pumpkin work of art.


Anonymous said...

These are great alternatives. We have a pumpkin kit that is a kitty face with little feet, arms, face, and ears. It's really cute and sooo easy!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of frosting a pumpkin! Now that I have kids I am getting into Halloween!

Anonymous said...

You always have the best ideas!

Mr.Pumpkin head HEE HEE love it! I would have never thought to use royal icing on a pumpkin. Chalkboard paint that would be a great one for a teacher to use in a class for an ever changing pumpkin.

Annie said...

that pumpkin with a hat has Lou La's name written all over it

Shell said...

Lovely Ms. Pumpkin and those skelton gingerbread cookies are delightful. Enjoyed your party.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great ideas! So much better not to have a knife involved.