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It still seems wrong to me. I never would have been good at French. I wasn't very good at Spanish. I dropped out of AP Spanish the last semester of my Senior year to take Drama!

I knew I would only get a B in AP Spanish. And a B in an advanced class was the same on my GPA as an A in a regular class. So I took something that wouldn't make me cry! (Getting Bs made me cry!)

It is probably a good thing that I grew out of that...otherwise I probably would have had a melt down over Voila.

I am trying to use Voila 12 times. Or is it 20. I can't remember how many times you are supposed to use a word before you own it.

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*~Annette~* said...

You are cracking me up! I took a couple of years of spanish and LOVED it. I even thought about majoring in it, I enjoyed it so much.

DH took 4 years of French and can still speak it pretty well (and that makes no sense to me... it's hard to pronounce).

If I could, I'd take a refresher course or do Rosetta Stone...