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More free stuff to clean with!!

Anyone who has read this post knows that by now I probably need a new vacuum.

And right now you can win a pretty blue one from Mama's Losin' It!!

All you have to do is go here and leave a comment and Voila! You are entered! (Bwahahahahaha! Voila!) It is SO EASY!


Joy said...

Does it come with someone to do the rest of the cleaning?!? That would be my kind of prize!

Kally said...

Just found you on SITS. I love your blog. Congrats on being so Saucy.

I need a vacuum too. Thanks for the heads up.

also known as shell said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!
Nice to know another fellow Arizonian!
Good luck on the vacuum contest. Although I am convinced that I am going to win! Hee hee....