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Hanging my head in shame

Okay, I had NO IDEA Voila was a french word!

I SERIOUSLY thought it was a work like Abracadaba. Some made up word. And in my defense (now that I know it isn't and looked up the actual definition):

used to call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic

Now that I think about it...I think that once upon a time I might have known that. Known that it was an actual word. Known that it was French. Known that it started with a V.

Back before kids and sleep deprivation. Or at least back when the sleep deprivation was caused by college assignments and studying and not children waking up in the middle of the night.

And in my defense, walla is actually a real word. It just doesn't mean anything close to Voila!

Walla - background ambience or noises added to create the illusion of sound taking place outside of the main action in a picture.

So now today I not only know that Voila is not spelled with a W, but I also know what walla means! So I no longer have to hang my head in shame. I am smarter than I was 5 minutes ago!


Annie said...

it's a catch 20

Jenni said...

A lot of people don't know voila is a real word or how it's spelled. You learned something new, and that's nothing to be ashamed of! Isn't it great that there is more out there to learn? Wouldn't it be boring if we knew it all?:o)

Kacey said...

Oh I am SO GLAD someone told you. I just didn't have the heart and thought "walla' was pretty cute. Ha! Ha! :o) Thanks, I needed to laugh - not laughing AT you - laughng WITH you. You're laughing right? :o)

Lorie said...

Annie! I love you!

Lorie said...

Thanks Jenni!

Lorie said...

Kacey! You should have told me!!!

And yes, I was laughing. Probably because once upon a time I would have known stuff like that. The first person that commented on the post is a friend of mine from college. I just hope she remember that once upon a time I did have a brain. A pretty good one too!

Des said...

thank you for setting the record straight! :) I'm a french major and it makes me smile everytime I see it used in any way shape or form. Now, could you tell me about yeehaw??? I love that word.