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Paying Homage to Toile de Jouy

On Friday I am getting together with my MIL and my SILs to sew aprons. We are all going to pretend like we know how to sew! It will be fun. I will make sure to post pictures of what ever I make! If it comes out looking ANYTHING like an apron I will owe all credit to my MIL.

So as I was shopping I came across Toile. A couple of months ago I would have walked right past this material and not thought twice, but lately something has come over me. I have fallen madly and deeply in love with Toile. Seriously, four weeks ago I had to Google Toile because I saw the word on someones blog! Now I am obsessed.

I picked up the bolt of fabric and took it to the counter. I told the nice lady that I would need two yards. She proceeded to cute three and I didn't notice until I was checking out. I debated taking it back and pointing out the error...but then I thought of all of the things I could do with that extra yard. (none of which I can actually DO, but all of which would be pretty!)

So I left with three beautiful yards of Toile.

In my head I am going to make some really beautiful throw pillows with the material. And then buy the new bedding at Ikea that I almost purchased 3 times, but thought it was too boring. My imaginary Toile Pillows are just what that bedding needed. (somebody remind my head that I don't sew)

So I hope to have a cute Toile apron to show you on Friday, but I am not holding my breath! So for now I will just pay homage to all things Toile:

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