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Since Halloween is quickly becoming one of my top five favorite holidays (since it is Toots' birthday) I think I NEED THIS!!

And I can think of a few family members and friends (Annie, Erin, Sally...) that will need it too!

This is the craft man responsible for this magazine:

And this is the site where you can find out all about him. The magazine should be at your local news stand, but right now you can enter to win a copy HERE. If I don't win I will be heading to Barnes and Noble to get a copy!


Salsa Mama said...

Yeah, I think you are so right. I need one of those. Super cute stuff!!

Shannon said...

Oh that magazine looks really neat! I might have to go check this out!

Annie said...

oh yes i need that

Becca said...

Alright Lorie, you have the cutest stuff on your blog! It makes me want to be crafty all the day long! (with no kids around, that is!)

Elle Jay Bee said...

Thanks so much for participating in this contest, and for helping spread the word about Matthew Mead and his magazine.

I have to tell you, you have some amazing Halloween ideas yourself!!!


denise @ little ant design said...

I just bought this mag a few days ago - it is full of great ideas