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It's just me and you kiddo.

This is what Lou La said to her little sister last night. We had all eaten dinner together and everyone had finished except for Lou. This happens quite often. Usually when we are having something that involves 'red sauce'.

I got up to start the dishes and the boys went off to do whatever it is that boys do after dinner. Toots was still in her high chair waiting for her dad to rescue her. Hubby overheard her say it and came in to tell me.

I have been trying for days to explain to him how Lou's thinking has developed recently. There are times when you just know that they have acquired a new level of thinking. She weaves out these elaborate stories for all sorts of boring things. Finally today when she recited one of these tales to me I remembered it to pass along.

We were getting out of the car after dropping the kids off at school. There was a string on the ground. She asked me how it got there and I said I didn't know. And this was her reply:

Maybe a cheerleader was in the back yard practicing with one of her cheerleader things (pom pom) and the wind came and blew one of the strings away and it landed in our yard.

My response. Yep, maybe that is how it got here.

This was one of her shorter explanations. They are fun to listen to, but I am worried about what she can use this skill for when she gets a little older. Hopefully she will only use her powers for good and not evil. And hopefully she will always feel like she and her sister are in this together.

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Annie said...

oh my gosh i'm laughing so hard...i love lou la!