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He is still my boy.

The boy is seven. He is in second grade. And being seven and in the second grade it just isn't cool to sing and dance along to High School Musical. It was okay to sing your heart out and dance with your little sister when you were in first grade, but not now. Not when you are a boy.

He refuses to sing and dance with her to Camp Rock. He has even sworn off going to see the High School Musical three with us. It is a girl movie.

But every once in a while, when he doesn't think that anyone is looking, he must forget that he is too old. He must forget that he is seven and in the second grade. Because today I caught him standing on the couch pretending to hold a microphone, rocking out to We Rock (the final song in Camp Rock and the ONLY song he likes from the movie).

He is still my boy.

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Toni said...

It's kinda sad when we see society's definitions of what cool and what not start to effect the way our kids behave. My kids all secretly can't wait for HSM3 and when no one is watching they will sing along with the songs too!