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Bows and Clips and Barretts

I am pretty sure that the next hobby I am going to fall madly in love with (either after my new found love of sewing has worn off or in addition to...not sure which yet) is going to be bow/clip making. So in preparation for this I bring you fabric and button barrettes:

These come from Belle and Burger. And although these aren't quite the ones I would make for Lou La (or Toots when she finally gets some hair) I love the idea!

And then there are these. These are everywhere, but I have a LOT of ribbon just about this size and I know how to make a taylored bow, so I am sure I will be making these!!

These are from Cuddlebaby on Etsy. She sells a tutorial.

In totally unrelated to bow information, but still related to the last statement, do you know how to pronounce Etsy? I have said it wrong FOREVER! It rhymes with Betsy. But I was making the E say it's name. And that just isn't right. So now you know, if you didn't already. It is highly possible that I was the only one that didn't know. But for the sake of my pride I will pretend like no one says it right and I am doing the crafty world a favor.

Back to bows.

Then there are these:

These are from Santa Barbara Bows. I think it helps you sell bows when your kids are just this stinking cute! And Katie definitely has that going for her!

I am sure there are about a million other bows/clips/headbands that I will want to make. And I am sure I will post them here. Bare with me. This too shall pass!


Shell in your Pocket said...

I saw a your comment on another blog and stopped cute! I love the bows! The pumpkin on your blog header is so simple but great!
love your blog!
-Sandy toes

jess said...

Cute finds! Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog...

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I would love to see some photos if you decide to make some...they are so cute!

Lorie said...

I have to finish my Fall Cleaning/Organizing (that I am avoiding by blogging!!) and then I will make some bows and post them!