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Sleep Glorious Sleep

You almost forget how nice it is to sleep. Honestly it has almost been a year since I have really been well rested. Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that you don't sleep well the last month. Or the last trimester for that matter. And anyone with a new baby knows that you don't sleep well the first couple of months. Or in my case the first nine.

Which leads me to the past week. I have been getting sleep. Glorious sleep. I haven't slept through the night yet (even though Toots has), but it is SO much better.

Tonight is the first night that Lou La will be rejoining Toots in the girl's room. She has been having sleep overs on the couch or in her brother's room (which all eventually end up in my bed) while we get used to the new routine. You can read this as until the crying stops.

Right now Lou La is on one of our huge floor pillows waiting for Toots to fall back asleep.

Hopefully they will both sleep through the night in their own beds. And hopefully I will sleep through the night as well!

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