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I think I am going to stop drinking water

As a kid I never drank water. Okay, that isn't true. Not the never part, but the kid part. I don't think I drank water until I was in college.

At ASU they only sold Aquafina. I think I purchased enough 1 Liter bottles of Aquafina to fill a decent size lake. To this day I still cannot drink tap water. There are even brands of bottled water that I can't drink.

Anyway, back to the giving up water thing.

If I compare things like my weight, my skin, energy level, I like the pre-water drinking me better than the water drinking me. So I am thinking I should stop drinking water. What do you think?

About the only other thing I remember from ASU (besides the large Aquafina bottles) is a logic class I took. Loved that class. We learned about all sorts of things like indirect coorelations.


Jon said...

ummm... I vote you keep drinking water

Amie said...