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Not once, not twice...

but three times.

We bought the Camp Rock CD last night. I downloaded it on my Ipod and turned it on in my room for Lou La to listen and dance to while looking in the mirror of course! ;D

Well, she was too busy dancing to look in the mirror. She must have been really into it!! Belting the songs at the top of her lungs into one of her microphones. (Yes, I said one of...she has MANY!) And when the CD was over she asked me to play it again. Three times. It would have been four, but it was already 10pm!!

I didn't get any of it on video because my camera was in the room with her and video taping this sort of thing has to be done in secret to get the optimum effect. Maybe today I will get some video of her singing her heart out. And maybe I will get an 8 month picture of Toots too!

I sure do love these munchkins!

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