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How to make your kids eat yogurt!

My kids typically like yogurt. I have quite a bit in the fridge that only has a week left before it goes bad, so I keep trying to get them to have yogurt for breakfast!!
This morning they weren't hearing of it! They wanted good old fashioned cold cereal.
A bribe was in order. I told them if they would have yogurt for breakfast they could each have a cookie. Last night I made some yummy chewy chocolate peanut butter cookies (the recipe on the back of the Reese peanut butter chip package). They each willingly ate their yogurt this morning!
I am such a good mom! *insert eye roll*
(PS If you are wondering why I got my camera out to take picture of the cookies and not my kids...well I didn't! I stole this picture from Google Images!! So if there is a one and a million chance that the person that took this picture sees it...Thanks! :D)

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