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I am afraid...very afraid

The Boy and Lou La both have friends over today. They have been here for about 2 hours. The first hour was quietly spent with the boys playing Wii and the girls playing Barbies.

Sometime after that first hour they both started playing dress up. Princesses for the girls and Superman and a Knight for the boys. Somehow that turned into a war. They are screaming and I am pretty sure they are throwing plastic food at each other.

I am afraid to go down the hall. Afraid to see the disaster that once was their two clean bedrooms and the hallway between.

But they are having such a good time. Constant giggling and screaming, but the happy I am having the time of my life screaming.

I have warned them a few times that they are going to have to pick up anything they drag out. I still hear stuff hitting the floors!

Heaven help us!

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