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I am afraid...part II

So all the friends have gone. They had so much fun and were all so great! I think my kiddos have been craving a good play date!

All the toys have been picked up (including all the play food that was being used as weapons by the girls to scare off the boys dressed as knights/soldiers) It was a lot of fun!

So what am I afraid of now?

We usually try to make a trip to the gym in the morning and then go swimming as well. They are close to home, so we don't use a lot of gas, but we get out of the house and turn the AC down a few degrees while we are gone. Plus when you come home from the pool all wet it helps keep you cool.

Today we have been home all day. I didn't get to the gym this morning and we didn't go swimming because I am not brave enough to take other people's children to a pool without their parents.

My AC has been running ALL DAY! Non stop. It hasn't shut off once. I have a feeling my electric bill is going to be ugly. Possibly worse than my gas bill for the month! BLECH!

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