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Malls exhaust me. I don't know why. Just stepping INTO one sucks the life out of me. Thinking about going into one makes me tired.

Toots had her 9 month check up today. (I need to take a picture because she is 9 months today!!) I took dropped Hubby and the kids at the mall and then headed to her appointment. I met them about an hour later to eat lunch and look around. The Apple Store, The Lego Store, Build-A-Bear. We weren't even clothes shopping (which would have KILLED ME!)

I think I was there just over 2 hours (INCLUDING sitting down for lunch) and I cannot explain how tired I am. It is like ate too much turkey on Thanksgiving tired. Maybe I am allergic to whatever chemical they pump through the vents to make people spend obscene amounts of money. I could count on one hand the number of items I have purchased at the mall. That is if you don't count pretzels. The boy CANNOT step foot into a mall without getting a pretzel. The chemicals they put in the vents just has that effect on him.

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