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9 months

Here is a quick picture of Toots today. I actually took her shirt off to take the picture and there is a reason! Really. There is!

Today we had her 9 month check up. They did the usual. Weighed her, measured her, yada, yada. No shots, so a pretty easy appointment. Minus any sick visits, I should have been off the hook from any check ups until her 1 year. Not so much. We get to go back for a check up in one month.

Now before I tell you why, look at the picture again.

She isn't gaining enough weight. Go ahead and giggle. Or at least make the confused face that the receptionist made when I told her the reason for the follow up. See those two cute rolls on her thighs. What about the two on her arms. I never though I would have to take ANY of my babies in for a check up because they weren't gaining weight. (Michelle...I blame this on spending the week with you. Ethan must have rubbed off on her.)

Besides that craziness all it well. She is crawling like a mad woman and follows me and her brother and sister all over the house. She pulls herself up onto everything and will walk around the entire couch. She has even started to try to stand up in the middle of the floor by herself. She gets into the squatting position but hasn't yet found the momentum to push herself up.

She loves to dance to ANY music. Including the hymns at church. She loves to clap, but loves it even more when people clap for her. She has her two bottom teeth, but is still pulling on her ears which makes me believe more are on their way.

She still hates the bottle. Will only drink water from a sippy. No formula, no juice. Just water. She really only likes to feed herself. Grapes are her absolute favorite.

She has still not slept through the night. Not even ONCE! Not even CLOSE! So this week before school starts she is going to get the evil cry it out treatment. Doctor recommended.

Wish us all luck.

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Salsa Mama said...

Cutie pie!!!! Not enough weight, huh? Interesting... :)