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My hubby took a couple of days off from work to spend with the kiddos before they go back to school. Yesterday we took a trip to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. About 1/3 of the museum is still under construction, but it was still a lot of fun. Once it is complete it will be AMAZING! If you live in the valley, plan on taking a trip towards the end of the year!!
The kids had a great time. I was afraid that it might be a little young for the boy. Some of the stuff that hasn't opened yet will help take care of that (like a three story climber...think McDonalds Play Place on steroids). But he still had a good time.
If you go, definitely check out the calendar for the art projects! It was Lou La's favorite part (of course!) They had a play house in the middle of the room that the kids could paint. Pretty amazing. They also had some smaller art projects.
Both of the kids LOVED the texture cafe and the Market. The texture cafe has cute tables for the parents to sit and and restaurant stations for the kids. There is even a brick pizza oven that looks like it has a fire burning in it. Realistic enough for my almost 5-year-old daughter to ask me if it was real fire.
The Market has cute little shopping carts and real food boxes and cans. They even have fake fruit that looks UNBELIEVABLY real! I want some for our play kitchen at home! You go shopping and then check out at one of two check out stands. When you are done you take your food to the back and kids sort it and restock it. SO MUCH FUN!
I could go on and on about the fun idea I got from the museum! (like instead of a sandbox have a split pea box! SO MUCH CLEANER!!)
Of course I didn't take my camera, so no pictures of the kiddos! But I will definitely be taking it when we go back in the Fall! And we will be snapping some pictures in front of the AWESOME lime green wall outside!!

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