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The B word

This week the kids have been B-O-R-E-D!

We have been doing the same stuff all summer. And although they still enjoy playing at the gym, swimming, watching movies, playing cards and reading books the residual effect doesn't last as long.

At the beginning of the summer when we would go swimming and eat a fun lunch and play a game of cards, that would buy me a couple of hours of them playing nicely together (or alone). Now the second the planned entertainment stops they are bored! Especially the boy! It is hard to be 7 and stuck at home with all the girls all day!

Today has been nice because the boy went to a movie with Grandma and I bought the girl the Camp Rock CD. She has been in her room singing and dancing for about three hours.

So no one has used the B word today...hopefully we can make it through the weekend without its return!

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