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I want this for my 30th Birthday

This was one of my favorite toys as a kid! The flag was on a spring and you could bend it back and make it flick forward really hard. There is a diving board that pulls out from the top. My little people used to jump of that diving board into our pool for hours.

They now look like this:

We have this boat. It has a permanent place in the kids bathtub, although I don't think they have played with it for years. Toots plays with the fish, hippo raft and lobster that go with it. Ours came with a captain, not Eddie (the little person shown and yes I sadly know all their names!)


They really don't make toys like they used to. Of course most of them are 100 times cooler than when I was a kid, but sometimes change just messes up a good thing!


Unknown said...

You're too funny! I think we had the same boat when I was a kid. I wouldn't be surprised if my dad had it hidden away in a closet somewhere. He loves Fisher-Price toys and has held on to a lot of the old stuff.

john and steph said...

I loved the old little people. We had the truck and camper. They are not the same today.

Lorie said...

I LOVED the Camper too! The boat used to sit on top of the camper and when you would take it off there was a big boat shaped hole in the top! :D

The castle was my other favorite! Although I have to admit that the horses in the NEW Little People Castle are better than the old horses...but that is ALL I will give them credit for!