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"Now it's my questions!" by Lou La

Okay Lou.

It's your turn.
Okay. Ask some questions to me now.

Okay, what do you want me to ask you?
My favorite colors.

What are your favorite colors?
Pink. Blue. and Brown. and Pink. and Lellow. And blue. And purple. And red.

Any other colors?
That's all. That's really all.

What else do you want me to ask you?
Mmmmmmmm. Whats my favorite thing. Um favorite house I like to go to.

Okay, what's your favorite house you like to go to?

Why Hayden's?
Because I like Hayden.

What do you like about Hayden?
Her's be nice to me.

Because why? (working on that grammar)
Because She bes nice to me. (better)

Because she is nice to you?

(She walks away.) Are we done?
Nope. We only asked two!! (said with all the 14-year-old girl attitude she can muster!)
What's my favorite color. Oh we already did that.

What do you like to do?
I like to play with Play-doh. And that's it. I am done now.

You are done?
Yeah I want to play Play-doh now.

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