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An Interview with The Boy

The boy is a little bored today. His sisters have been sick, so he has been stuck in the house. No swimming. A lot of Wii. But even THAT gets old after a while! The HORROR!

So I thought I would ask him some questions.

What is your favorite color?

What is your second favorite color?

If you could make toothpaste any flavor, what would it be?

Why Kiwi?
Because I just think it would taste good.

What are your two favorite movies?
Umm..Ironman and ah Ironman and ah Spiderwick Chronicles, no wait, ah Iron man and.. Stop I can answer this questions! (this was to his sister who was trying to answer for him.) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

(side note: I love that he HAS to call thing by their full titles. If you call it Indiana Jones he HAS to finish the title for you!)

What is your favorite Disney character?
WallE and Buzz Lightyear.

Which one is your favorite?

What is your favorite vacation?

Other than Disneyland?
ummm ummm ummm California (the long pause probably comes from the fact that we have never really gone on a family vacation that wasn't Disneyland!!)

Tell me something about yourself?
I like video games.

Do you like having your own room?

Because I like playing with my own toys.

Whats your favorite sport?

Why Basketball?
Because I play it with my friends and I think that it is a really cool sport and I like that you shoot baskets. You know. Cool courts.

What is your second favorite sport?

How come?
Because like you run a lot and you slide and you tag. I like all the cool action stuff.

Ask mom a question.
What is your favorite sport?

To play or watch.
To play. First, actually (I love that he says actually. He says it ALL the time! Lou La has picked it up from him!) what is your favorite video game to play. What are your two favorite video games to play?

Dance Dance Revolution and Links Cross Bow Training
Just type Links cross bow. Training, yeah.

(then he reads what I typed and giggles)

Anything else I should know about you?
(He shakes his head yes.) My favorite book is the Spiderwick Chronicles.

What else?
Uh...(long pause is hard to unearth the secrets of your soul when you are seven.) My favorite game cube game is Lego Star Wars I

Why One?
Because I just think it is cooler.

Anything else?
(by this time Lou La has asked me a hundred times if I am going to ask HER questions.)
Wait. Did you write um, um, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
(He giggles.)

Yes I did.
You wrote Um um ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I am writing your story. That's what you said.
Oh. I was saying Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yep. Are we done now?
Yea. We are done now.

To which Lou La replies. Now it's my questions.

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