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7 months and 1 big girl bath!

This weekend she got her first big girl bath in the sink. A long honored tradition in our family. I cannot believe she is 7 months! We are now on the down hill slide to her first birthday! She now sits up really well (which is why she gets the kitchen sink treatment) and is starting to crawl backwards. I honestly think she would pull herself up to a standing position if she didn't have so much weight to haul. She is constantly grabbing things and trying to pull herself up.

She is such a sweet baby girl. She loves her brother and her sister. Loves to laugh at her Daddy and cuddle with her mom. She sure is a keeper! If only she would sleep through the night! I guess no one is perfect!

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Unknown said...

Wow Lorie, she is gorgeous! I love her beautiful big brown eyes and those cheeks are perfect for smoochin' on. She would be so spoiled at my house :)