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Isn't this cute!!

Okay, those monkeys, vinyl decals! I have been a little obsessed with vinyl decals ever since my sister-in-law used them in my niece's room. She had these super cute gigantic polka dots painted on her bedroom walls. I HAD to know how on earth she painted such perfect circles. I mean they were PERFECT! And gigantic! Guess what! She didn't! They were vinyl circles!
Perfectly cute gigantic vinyl circles!

So I have been looking around online for cute bedroom ideas and came across They have a TON of the cutest vinyl decals for your home. I want just about every one on the site and cannot wait until I start redecorating some bedrooms!! Because I am SO doing this in the girls' room!

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Becca said...

I like the vinyl stuff...very cute! The polka dots are super cute! I've got a few vinyl things, just haven't put them up yet. My SIL's SIL does them.