Christmas Village Centerpiece

Christmas Village Centerpiece from Laurie Cinotto Art & Craft

My husband is pretty passionate about his Christmas village.  And although it isn't quite as chic as this gorgeous village table centerpiece from Laurie Cinotto, I still might transplant to our dining room table for Christmas dinner.  He would be thrilled.

You can check out her tiny village table setting and the rest of her beautiful decorations over at Laurie Cinotto Art & Craft.


  1. Do you have any idea where to buy the little brown houses??

    1. Her post says they are firms from an art supply store. Maybe try Michaels. You could send Laurie an email. I bet he would share the I I with you!

  2. The houses are from Hobby Lobby. They have three different sizes. Rhonna Farrer has some cute examples on her blog from last Christmas, too.


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