Dyed Paper Doilies Tutorial

Dyed Paper Doilies from Blue-Eyed Freckle

I love doilies and it makes me happy to see them becoming more common as a party decoration.  And white is fun, but every now and then you need a little color.

Like if you want to make these colorful doily pom poms:

Or this fun doily garland:

So you will need this doily dyeing tutorial from Blue-Eyed Freckle:

And if you aren't looking for bright colors, I have heard that using your kids water color paints works pretty good for pastels!


  1. This looks like a fun idea! The link just takes me back to your main page though.

  2. Kelsy, thanks for the heads up! I fixed the link!

  3. Those would be so cute for my daughters tea party.



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