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Jersey Knit Bracelets

Jersey Knit Bracelets from V and Co.

I can't pull of this cute jersey knit bracelet, but I know a ton of teenagers that could.  A friend of mine works with the teenage girls at church and I think they would have so much fun making this!  And with an old t-shirt it would be super cheap.

And they look fun to make too!

You can see the tutorial over at V and Co.


Katie said...

I want these!

Unknown said...

I am super duper excited to do some of these. I JUST gathered up a bunch of shirts that I have saved for reasons JUST like this. LOVE IT! I am excited to make one for my son. He gets left out ALL of the time.

Anonymous said...

ahh thanks so much for sharing this link. I am definitely going to do this!

Tara said...

Super duper cute and simple to make. My kind of project.