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Works for Me Wednesday: Child Labor

Rocks in My Dryer hosts Works For Me Wednesday on her blog each week. Readers can post ideas that work for them and share a link on her blog.

Today I wanted to talk to you about my cleaning lady:

Lou La LOVES to help me clean. But not the things that I WANT her to clean. Like her room. So instead of fighting with her, I help her clean her room and then she helps me around the house. Compromise. Got to love it! The one thing that is a MUST for her is getting to spray her own cleaner. Because I obviously don't want her spraying anything that can hurt her (like bleach) she has her own spray bottle with vinegar and water inside.

One of my favorite jobs to give her (because it is one I never get to) is cleaning my cabinets. She sprays them with vinegar water and wipes them down with a cloth. She feels helpful, she can do it unattended, and my kitchen looks better after she does it!

A happy mom and a happy girl! Works for me!
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