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Terra Cotta Nativity

I love nativities. I have a gorgeous handmade set that my husband brought home from Chile, a little people nativity play set, and just about anything in between. This year I think I might have to add this to my collection.

What you need:
2 small terra-cotta pots
1 small terra-cotta saucer
Acrylic paint
Fine-point marker
3 wooden knobs, one smaller than the others
Tacky glue
Embroidery floss

What you do:

Paint the terra-cotta pots and saucer. Use a marker to draw faces on the wooden knobs. Let the paint dry.

Once the paint has dried, turn the pots upside down and use tacky glue to attach the knobs (heads) to the bottom of each pot. When the glue is dry, drape the fabric pieces around the top of each head and tie it in place with embroidery floss.

Form a swaddling blanket from another piece of cloth and glue in place. Glue the small head to the blanket and set it in the saucer on a bed of raffia.
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