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Christmas Pudding for Kids [Class Party]

Christmas Pudding Cups from A Pumpkin and a Princess

I signed up to bring the treat for the Thanksgiving feast at my son's preschool.  Then one thing led to another and the plans for the cute homemade treats went right out the window and I went with something similar, dressing individual pudding cups up like Turkeys. I figured two and three-year-olds probably didn't care what form their sugar came in, and turkey pudding cups were a lot easier than baking and decorating turkey cookies.

This idea was a modification of the mummy juice boxes that I made for the preschool Halloween party. Dressing up store bought snacks has sort of become my new  favorite thing! So easy!

I took the super easy road and signed up for paper plates for the Christmas party, but I may still put some Christmas pudding cups together for my kids lunches tomorrow. I love these three options for Christmas Snack Packs from A Pumpkin and a Princess.

If Jello or fruit cups are more your style, you will like these Santa fruit cups from That's What Che Said.

And little did I know there is an entire website dedicated to dressing up Snack Packs!  You can check out Snack Pack Mixins for more fun ideas!!

There were too many ideas to share here, so I started a Pinterest page for some of my favorite party pudding treats!!  Let me know if you have one that you would like me to add!

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